I’m Caitlin Sunseri, a 27-year-old pushing towards my dream job. I have always loved and appreciated art. Coincidentally, I ended up earning my Bachelor’s degree in graphic design. After college, I have slowly ruled out many ways I could have taken my career. I finally found a sense of direction after taking a letterpress class. Shortly after, I was engaged and found joy in designing most things for my wedding. Now I am married to the kindest, most inspiring man I know. Matthew has pushed me to pursue my dreams and start creating my own designs.



Indigo Prints is the face of my design/stationery shop. It is named after one of my very best friends, my weimaraner. She makes me happy every day so why not name my work after her? Indigo Prints has evolved so much within a year and especially since I have moved to Austin, Texas. I hope my business and I grow exponientally as 2017 progresses.